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Hillfolk is a space for celebrating the diverse plant life and foodways in our region, and empowering you in your choice to be a vital, thriving human, which is not convenient or easy! 

Wholesome Grocery

Our mountain shop is small but mighty! We have stocked our grocery room with heaps of organic goods that are fresh and truly nourishing to your body. You will find locally & regionally grown flours, grains, produce, & spices, as well as butter, cheese, coffee, nuts, dried fruits, oils, vinegar, syrup, and more kitchen staples! 100% of our stock is organic. We provide containers, but you can also bring your own jars to fill! Come discover the money you will save purchasing food items by the pound/ounce! This is an old school way to shop that is good for the earth and super convenient. 

Appalachian Herb shop

We offer a wide variety of bulk herbs, herbal tea, extracts, syrups, topicals, and more. All of our herbs and herbal products are selected with intention and sourced regionally, with few exceptions. All herbs & herbal products are grown & made with organic practices or sustainably foraged in pristine areas. Check the herb list for info/details on what is available! 

In recent decades, people’s separation from the natural world has gotten more severe, and thus we have become a sicker society that has forgotten how to turn to earth to heal. In the Appalachian region, we are surrounded by a wealth of support. The plant allies in our midst have been used faithfully for centuries to sooth our nerves, heal our guts, boost our immune systems, strengthen our hearts, purify our bodies, and more. The intuitive way that these plants were first worked with points to a spiritual way of approaching healing/health. To listen to your body, believe in its capacities, and call upon the gifts of the natural world you are a part of is indeed spiritual, and powerful. Especially so when eating foods that are nourishing and not damaging as well. We hope to help cultivate the innate way that the “hillfolk” – the mountain people in our region - worked with herbs and had a hands-on relationship to producing food. And furthermore, to strive for the spiritual wisdom that the Cherokee embodied in their relationship to earth. Ultimately, our desire is to learn together how to thrive as humans, experience vitality, and be in right relationship with the land. And give thanks.

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